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Effective Mosquito Control in Singapore

Prevent the spread of infectious diseases with our cost-effective termination treatments. At Global Green, we help keep our clients safe with mosquito control and management services in Singapore. We provide fast and effective solutions to commercial and domestic properties throughout the metropolitan area. Our services are cost-effective, stress-free and customised to suit your needs.


Mosquitoes can transmit several contagious viruses such as dengue fever, malaria and Japanese Encephalitis by biting. They are small insects that have two wings, a scale-covered body and legs. Mosquitoes have a long beak with piercing mouthparts used to feed off the blood of living animals. They need only a small water source to breed and survive. Therefore, they can thrive in residential homes and backyards. The most common species found in Singapore are:

  • Edes Mosquitos
  • Culex Mosquitos
  • Anopheles Mosquitos

Global Green Mosquito Control

Global Green can help reduce the number of mosquitos that frequent your home or workplace. We use effective, water-based misting techniques to eradicate infestations. Our treatments leave a residual on plants, shrubs and building structures that are fatal to insects.

Misting unlike fogging, does not emit smoke and is environmental friendly. At Global Green, we are passionate about preserving the environment, only using non-toxic pesticides and eco friendly methods. Your garden will not suffer from our mosquito control sprays. They are approved and registered by NEA as safe pest management treatments.

Our pest control services also include a thorough inspection for breeding on your premises. We provide preventive treatments to remove any mosquitos’ larvae and prevent further infestations. This will save you a significant amount of time and money. Our experienced technicians will keep a look out and advice you to take proactive measures against potential breeding grounds on your property.


“‘Mosquito’ is the Spanish and Portuguese word for Fly.”

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