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Effective Rat Control in Singapore Properties

Rodents can transmit a number of serious diseases and introduce parasites, such as fleas, lice and ticks into your home. Global Green provides affordable rat control services that will effectively rid your residency of rodents. We service residential buildings and commercial properties in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Our technicians use environmentally friendly methods and NEA approved products to help create more hygienic living spaces.

Rat Infestations

Rodents invade our home for food, water and shelter. As they are nocturnal animals, rats are active at night. The most common rodent species you will find in Singapore are:

  • Norway Rat
  • Root Rat
  • House Mice

Rodents reproduce rapidly and without proper control, a single female may produce up to 200 babies within just four months. This means that your residency can quickly become overrun if you don’t immediately introduce control measures. They will wreak havoc on your home, unless you call upon professional help.

Rat Control Procedures

Global Green provides a range of services to eliminate rats and mice in Singapore properties. To begin with, our professional technicians conduct a thorough inspection to identify the possible source of entry. We locate access points and advice you to seal up these entries to prevent further infestations. These preventative measures will save you time and money on further termination costs in the future.

A combination of baiting and trapping techniques are used in our pest control programs. After the inspection, our experienced and trained technicians, will strategically install the traps along likely areas of activity. For your convenience, we also remove rodents once caught and replace the traps to capture more rats. We will continue to provide our services until your property is completely pest-free.


“Rodent is capable of squeezing through very small openings – ¼ inch for mice and ½ inch for Rats.”

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