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Exceptional Termite Control in Singapore

Prevent significant structural damage to your commercial and residential properties with regular inspections from Global Green. We are a pest control company that provides preventative and reactive termite treatments throughout Singapore. Using eco-friendly methods, we provide effective solutions that won’t damage the environment.

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites are the most commonly found species in Singapore homes. Termites live in colonies underground, from which they build tunnels in search of food. They are able to reach food above ground level by building mud tubes. As wood is their food source, this has made them a structural pest. Termites can cause extensive damage to residential buildings, infrastructure and furnishings.

Termite Treatments

Early detection will significantly increase your chances of successfully removing termite infestations. Regular or routine inspections are required to detect the signs of Subterranean activity in your residency. Our technicians are specially trained to identity future risks and implement effective, preemptive strategies. Building a chemical barrier at the perimeter of your property can stop further intrusions. It will help prevent future damage to your property and reduce safety risks. At Global Green, we are so confident in our control treatments that we offer a 5-year warranty with our chemical barrier procedures.

If your house is already infested, we provide a number of services to remove these highly destructive pests. Dusting or baiting treatments are commonly used to control termites. Dusting involves blowing pesticides through infested workings. To poison the pests, we also place bait directly into their underground networks. Our technicians use these techniques to successfully eliminate colonies without causing further damage to your building or the environment. They provide effective, ecological services for affordable prices to commercial and domestic clients.



“Subterranean Termite Queen can live up to 20 years.”

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